It bothered me

While we were fishing yesterday, a young girl of maybe 14 or 15 walked down to the dock we were on and sat down.

She was a pretty girl, but I thought it was sorta odd that she was there by herself.  Someone had stopped up at the highway and let her out of a car & like I said, she walked down to the dock where we were sitting and sat down.  Perhaps, we looked harmless- middle aged man & woman, teenager in tow.  Maybe I’m paranoid, but in this day & age, every person is a potential something-not-good.  Dahmer was a normal looking guy, as were several of the other widely known serial killers & rapists.  Folks are getting freakier by the minute, so I can see where Family Fun Time could include abducting, raping & mutilating folks.

But that isn’t what bothered me so much.

What bothered me was that a boatload of boys pulled up to the dock & this little girl got on the boat and off they went.

My daughter may hate me for it in the future, but as a mother I just cannot see myself letting this happen.

Before I say this, I know that boys aren’t the only horn dogs in the world.  Girls can have sex drives the size of Mount Rushmore and can act upon those drives as much as most boys.

However, I have yet to meet a boy who was raped by a girl.  The crude remark, “You can’t rape the willing” has a ring of truth to it.

It seems to me these days, kids- male & female- are meaner than they used to be.  In my years of dating, there were always guys pressuring for sex.  However, when I said no, I never feared being raped by one of my dates.  “Put out or get out” was always a joke.  Today, not so much.

Maybe my opinion of teens in general is far too jaded.  Maybe I see things that aren’t there.

All I’ve been able to see since yesterday though, is that pretty 14 year old blond, on that boat with 9 boys being told to bend over & take it or swim to shore.

And if that were to happen, the only ones ever taking any blame would be those boys.  The girl’s parents’ judgment would never come into question.  Their responsibilities toward this child would never be pondered.

She is 14.  By default, she has the judgment of a hopped-up flea.  What about Mom or Dad though?

Life is scary enough as it is.  Kids have a hard enough time growing up as it is.  Why allow your kid to be in the midst of situations that are well out of anyone’s control?  Why have kids if you’re not going to man up and take care of them?

There’s more to parenthood than daily feedings and a roof over the head.

If you drop your child willingly into Sodom & Gomorrah, how can you play the victim?  How can you wave steak in front of the lion, then fault him for latching on to it?

How can you not parent the precious child you brought into the world?


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  1. Charles Pergiel
    Apr 08, 2010 @ 12:50:38

    People have gotten meaner. I think it’s at least partially the economic crunch. Tatoos and piercings seem much more prevalent as well, and I suspect it’s part of the same trend.

    Did you talk to the girl or the boys? Generally speaking I will avoid talking to strangers, but these days I try to be smile and say hello. An exchange of a few words can completely alter the tone of a meeting, and it makes people aware that there are other people around who are likewise aware of them.

  2. Old NFO
    Apr 08, 2010 @ 23:38:31

    Stupid is the ONLY thing that comes to my mind… as in STUPID parents…

  3. Rick
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 16:14:31

    Old NFO said it best

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