Happy Birthday to MY Hero

Happy 75th Birthday, Daddy!

From back over the years- (forgive the picture quality.  Not that it was “high” to start with, but these are pics I took of pics.)

Less than 2 years old and already had chores.  This one being gathering eggs.(1936)

Doing dishes to impress some ladies.  (1954-ish)

Hard work, long days, not much pay.  Building runways for Columbus

Air Base in Columbus, Mississippi.  (1957)

Mom & Dad- 1972

Mama would kill me if she knew I posted this one- her eyes were half closed, but they bought the pic anyway-

A few years later, taking me to Kindergarten Graduation in 1976.

And Daddy & I in 1981-


Not to make light of what happened


would someone please call Hank Johnson and tell him neither Mexico nor California is capsizing at the moment?

In all seriousness, I hope folks are okay and I know the earthquake itself isn’t a laughing matter.