Sniffle, Sneeze, Snort, Wheeze


Maybe it’s my immature side

But this shit is funny!

Bad thing is, my son sent it to me. 😀

Oh & he says not to click when it says “Click Here”.  I’m listening to him.

I wonder

I wonder if the money wasted with the Census this year couldn’t have paid for the Health Care plan in its entirety.

Now, I’m not calling the actual Census & the workers “wasteful”.  I understand the purpose of it and as a um, what was I called?,  Census worker from 2000, I applaud the folks willing to go door to door to do their job.  Their pay is suitable to the job.

But all that damned mail?

A week before the forms were mailed, we got a letter in an envelope saying it was coming.

Then we got the form itself.

A week later, we got a post card.

And today, I got ANOTHER damned form- in case I hadn’t filed out the first one.

Gotta love it when the government “tightens its belt”, don’t ya?  Maybe the USPS is out of the crapper for the time being at least.

Le Sigh

One of my classmates invited me & the kids to go to the beach at Fripp Island this coming week.

And every one I’ve mentioned it to has nearly hollered, “GO!”.

My own mother seems supportive of the idea, but she’s not releasing any funds for said trip.

Decisions, decisions.