No foolin’

I feel good tonight.

Partook of some Loud Therapy and shot a 280 out of 300 with zero misses at 15-20 yards.  I’m finally extremely satisfied and confident with my shooting.  Amazing what having a few boxes of bullets to practice with does for ya.

Molly & David took turns as well, but we didn’t score their shots.

I will tell you this though, you don’t want to be on the “wrong” end of a gun when any of the three of us are holding it.  David made all head shots & Molly’s were almost all through the sternum.

David broke out the Nagent then and it sounded like we were at a mega fireworks display.

There ain’t a dog barking within miles & I bet the natives won’t be restless tonight.



April Fools

There were plenty around today, as usual.

Of course, there are plenty around the other 364 days a year.

Hope y’all had a good day.