Oh is that what you thought you saw?

For the past 18 weeks of school, it’s been status quo to drive 37 miles to class on test days, sit down, take the test and leave.

74 miles to spend approx. 15 minutes in class to take a 40 question test.

That annoyed me to start with.  Class is scheduled 0800-1150 on Mondays & Tuesdays.

No class after tests though?  Approx. 3 hours- out the window- nothing.

Oh well, that’s the way things go.  Fine.

18 weeks this has been the way things went.

Well, Friday I was going to take my car to the mechanic (who happens to be in the same town as school).  He couldn’t fit me in that day, but he could get to me “first thing Monday morning”, meaning 0900.  If I was going to be later than that, I’d have to wait until the next day, because he had some stuff to attend to at 1000.  Knowing today was a test day & I’d be through by 0830, I made the appt.

Right before today’s test, the teacher announced that our part of the class (the group that goes to the OTHER hospital) would have a meeting after the test.  Now, if you want to sit there and spend 4 hours on the test, you can do that.  So, our “meeting” would have been starting anywhere from 0900 to 1150…

I quietly, NICELY asked what the meeting was about, because I really needed to go on as previously planned.  She wanted to know where I was going & I told her.  Then she informed me that class was 0800-1150 and I needed to make myself available during those times.  I told her I understood that, however, this wasn’t a preplanned thing and it didn’t involve the ENTIRE class, but only a small portion, I didn’t think it was appropriate to demand a small number of us stay.  Couldn’t we meet later or was this some make or break deal?  That is ALL I said, without eye rolling, heavy sighing, cursing, or even ugly attitude.

She said I could go on after stamping her feet a bit about class actually lasting until 1150.  I told her no, I’d stay.  If it was that all fired important, I’d stay.  I sat there in a way typical to my family, with my arms crossed, being quiet.  Yeah, I was annoyed as shit, but at no time was I ugly to her.  So, a short time later she posts on the board that the meeting is canceled.  I got up & left.

Fast forward to 10:15.  I stopped at the auto parts place to pick up the needed parts & there is one of my classmates.  The meeting didn’t get canceled…

And the meeting was about- bitching about our clinical instructor & the amount of work she piles on & just general complaining about her.

Now, I AM cheesed.

Yes, we have tons of work.  Yes, it makes things seem overwhelming at times.  But, I wouldn’t trade the education I’ve finally gotten thanks to my clinical instructor for all the free time in the world!  It’s actually what I EXPECTED the entire college experience to be.

So, I get home and this is sitting in my inbox-

Please remember that my letting you all leave early after tests is just my being nice, but class is always scheduled for 0800-1150. If I need you to stay until up to 1150 for some reason (on ANY class day), then that needs to be honored. The anger directed at me by you this morning (including verbal and non-verbal) was a bit uncalled for considering this.

I directed any verbal anger toward her?  Since fucking when can you not be angry with someone?  As long as you don’t cuss them out or rap them over the head with a pipe, why can one not be angry?

If I’d said what I was feeling- Look Bimbo, you sat yourself up for this shit from the start by making test days basically wasted days, causing us to spend more money than is necessary to drive here for a stupid 40 question test.  You sat the fracking standard as to how these days are scheduled, so don’t get pissy with me because I didn’t expect anything different.  Did you pull this “meeting” out of your ass this morning or did you not plan it over the weekend?  If you planned it over the weekend, why not let someone know- you’ve got my damned house number, cell number and email address.  I would have planned on making other arrangements then.– then she would have seen anger.  She sure as shit wouldn’t have been confusing sitting quietly with arms crossed with anger.  Was I annoyed as hell?  You bet.  Angry?  Not in the slightest.  Damn, what kind of rock has she been under all this time if she thought my response was an “angry” response?

I’m really glad I am through with this woman this quarter.  A) She’s a whiney pee pants when anyone disagrees with her.  B) She’s not much of an educator.  We’ve had 9 drug tests so far- they’ve all been over material we had to find for ourselves- she never goes over the things where we know whether the info we’ve found is correct or not.  As for “Adult Health”- she reads power point outlines to us. Power point outlines WE HAVE ALREADY.  Power point outlines composed by the damned book company!  I can read to myself just fine, seems a waste of class.  Want more specific knowledge on the outline info?  Tough shit, she has to “find that out and get back to you”…seems she never “finds that out”, or either she just chooses to never “get back to you”.

I answered her email as nicely as possible and reiterated that you can’t change the rules after 18 out of 20 weeks and expect everyone to roll over and take it.  I also reminded her I have only missed one day of class (when the kids were sick a few weeks ago), have never been late & never asked to leave early.

More than I can say for her…we missed one class because her basement flooded, we missed one class because she was sick, she’s been late to class three times- her daughter (19 years old) didn’t feel well once and vehicle related problems on the other two occasions.

Thank God there are only 3 class days left.  I’ve had it with this one.


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  1. Charles Pergiel
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 14:21:43

    Do the rest of the world a favor and file a complaint with the school. Not that it is likely to do any good, but if no one complains, she could be pulling this s**t for years.

  2. snigsspot
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 16:32:58

    Well, I intend to have another word for her as of tomorrow and the Dean will be there if needed.

    Seems (hearsay, not that I completely trust it) that she made the comment in the canceled but not canceled meeting that “the people who needed to hear it the most were already gone”…I was the only one gone, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, does it?

  3. Old NFO
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 18:35:01

    Agree, file a complaint… That is pure BS- sigh… Remember, those that can, do; those that can’t, teach… and some of them not too well… You are getting the education IN SPITE OF THEM! Hang in Snigs!

  4. snigsspot
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 20:28:20

    There’s a few teachers I know who can *and* can teach (RT, my clinical instructor, my 11th grade welding teacher & my 11th grade English Lit teacher).

    I loved my mother’s response and believe me, she’s quick to give me Hell if I deserve it.

    “The entire platform of that so-called meeting was utter bullshit & it’s nothing that should be held against you, as it *clearly* is not something in the curriculum.”

    Now you know exactly where I get my spirit from, dontcha? 😉

  5. Rho
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 20:02:45

    Do file a complaint with the school. She is wasting your time and money. If the school is accepting any kind of federal aid, she is wasting my money. I can honestly say that none of my college instructors were like this.

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