Thank God It’s Thursday

It has been a week to say the least.

James was OIC this week with 2 officers short due to an inmate having a little stay in the hospital for an aneurysm.

He literally got home in time for me to say bye  Wednesday morning- and that was pushing it.

Both the kids were sick Tuesday with two different ailments.  I missed a day of school and therefore 2 tests staying home with them.

I had a patient from hell at clinical (grabby dude who insisted on calling me Sweet Thing), then a snotty male RN called me Miss High & Mighty.

Wrong thing to do dude, wrong thing to do.

I quietly reminded him I was a good foot taller and IF he called me “High & Mighty” again, I’d show him just how High & Mighty I am.

Teacher got wind of it and lowered the fracking boom on him.  I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but this teacher for clinicals- she knows her shit.  I wish I could have taken EVERY nursing class I have taken & yet have to take from her.

However, by knowing her shit, she requires a hell of a lot more of us, but then, I have learned a hell of a lot in the last 4 weeks.  Probably twenty times more than in all the classes I’ve taken before combined.

Anyway, I’m fracking beat and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow afternoon.  Considering I have three crumbs left in the house, I reckon tomorrow will be another early morning to get out and get groceries.