Another One Gone

Another one dropped today.  Not because she was failing, but because …

she can’t stand the sight of blood.

Now, one might think she’d JUST come to this realization.

Um, no.

She’s known it all her life & “didn’t realize so much blood was involved”.

Okie dokie then.


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  1. Linda
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 15:13:17

    Now you see why there is a shortage of nurses?

  2. snigsspot
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 15:23:44

    Yep. I really hate it about this girl. She’s super smart, she just doesn’t handle stress at all.

    School is one of the easier things I’ve done in this ol’ life. It doesn’t stress me out that much, although trying to keep a household going at the same time does prove challenging.

    I don’t care if I didn’t like it at this point- 75% done, I’m just stubborn enough to finish. 😉

  3. Linda
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 15:35:33

    My niece in law was taking a Medical Assistant program this year. We were talking about school, and she was telling me how hard it was. I told her, that when I was in nursing school with her mom, it was hard too. We all had families, homes, part time jobs, etc. She was living with my sister, along with her husband and daughter. My sister bought the food, fixed it, cleaned up, etc. All the girl had to do was go to school and do her homework.

    According to her, it was harder now than then, because it was so different. Hum, I wonder about that.

    She dropped out.

  4. snigsspot
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 17:15:09

    I think part of it is harder, because I think some of the programs have been condensed so folks get through it quicker, but I think the program may have been dumbed down to an extent too from what it used to be.

    My teacher is a NP and she says the amount of material covered is almost overwhelming to her, but that it’s nowhere near as in depth as the courses she took. I can’t tell you how *easy* anatomy was for us. Mainly because we had a teacher then who wanted a nice pass rate. No labs, etc… and considering the gall bladder isn’t green like a jalapeno (like it was in the pictures), I’m concerned I might not recognize it in real life. So be it- when I see something I don’t recognize, I’ll just ask what it is.

    Folks these days want it handed to them with a smile and when they screw up, they expect smiles with their admonishment as well. One fell apart the other day because a nurse at the institution fussed at her some about a HIPAA violation. God, what will she do when one of those holier-than-thou, I AM God doctors chews her out?

  5. retiredpo1
    Jan 27, 2010 @ 00:38:41

    For me it is needles! My mom thought I should have been a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy. I hate needles. Wouldn’t work. No tattoos after twenty years in the Sea Service. Got a Wonderful Daughter-in-Law that is an ER Nurse. Good for her.
    I can handle the blood. I had enough of those incidents and accidents as a youngster with bleeding of my own. And I can render first aid to a point. But just not them damn needles.
    I was able to condition myself to the multiple shots and blood draws over those years as a job requirement.
    I admire you for your abilities with a tough profession!

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