Head, Meet Wall- repeatedly

Logic, reasoning, emotion- none of it worked.  I’m still stuck going to Hospital A.

I’ve got to find a cheap car, so if ANYONE knows of a very cheap beater– all I want is something with decent tires, brakes, running ability and HEAT- please let me know A.S.A.P.

As to other head-meet-wall worthy topics-

I’m sincerely hoping this kind of bullshit only happens in NYC.  If I was a New York tax payer, I’d be so mad, I wouldn’t need a weapon.  The explosion of my head would bring down half the city.


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  1. Wyatt Earp
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 17:58:27

    Well, we can’t really have the junkies getting an infection or anything, right? /snark

  2. D.
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 19:41:45

    The sound you just heard was my head cracking like a hard-boiled egg.

    Still praying for your needs. I cannot believe your teacher is being such an ass. Is there somone the next level up that can mediate and help?

  3. Old NFO
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 22:07:21

    Wish I could help… sigh…

  4. Crucis
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 17:42:18

    Isn’t that “aiding and abetting”? I think “Law ‘n Order” says that draws 5 to 10 in Singsing.

  5. Wai
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 22:25:37

    How long is this stint at Bldg. A going to for? Can you just rent a car for the few days that you have to go there?

  6. snigsspot
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 22:41:23

    9 weeks, 2 days each week. Rentals around here are pretty scarce- sorta like hen’s teeth.

    Keep your fingers crossed, I *may* have found a workable solution.

  7. Skul
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 23:18:45

    Shave frog, sprinkle shavings over pixie dust and unicorns. (under a rainbow)
    It’s the OOOObama way. All will be better.
    Trust me, I’m from the government, I’m here to help.

  8. retiredpo1
    Jan 09, 2010 @ 01:00:15

    http://www.autotrader.com for your area?!?! Maybe. Idea, anyway.
    And had a publication like that come out in Wichita(former home), heads would have rolled.

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