However, I made two A’s this week, giving me A’s for both classes now.  Finals next week- 50% of our grades.  At least I can make a 42 and 48 on them and still pass the class.  Law of averages says I’ll at least make a 50.

Final dress rehearsal tonight- director is still making changes.  Head is slightly spinning, but improv is continuously improving.

Opening night TOMORROW NIGHT!  I would say Y’all Come!, but tomorrow night and both Saturday shows are SRO!

My knees aren’t knocking- yet.  I’ll let you know tomorrow when they start to though. 😉


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  1. Linda
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 08:20:20

    Break a leg! (Why do they say that, anyway?)

  2. snigsspot
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 10:10:31

    Thanks Linda. It’s superstition (something I don’t subscribe to), to me “Good Luck!” works too.

    As to the origin of it, according to Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms:

    “Superstition against wishing an actor Good Luck! has led to the adoption of this phrase in its place. Popular etymology derives the phrase from the 1865 assassination of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth, the actor turned assassin, leapt to the stage of Ford’s Theater after the murder, breaking his leg in the process. The logical connection with good luck is none too clear, but such is folklore.

    There is no evidence, however, to suggest that this is the true derivation, and since the earliest usage of the phrase dates to the 1920s, there is much to suggest that it is not. The best that can be said is that the origin is unknown. “

  3. Old NFO
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 21:00:37

    Break a leg kiddo 🙂

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