In one week

Seven days.

168 hours.

10080 seconds.


Classes will be over.  (Finals of course are the next week, but still…)

I will be preparing myself for the opening night, first on stage to a play a middle aged man.

It will be exactly two weeks until Christmas.

I’m ready for this quarter to be over.  I’ve maintained an A in drug calculation/administration and I’m running around a 88 in fundamentals.  I can’t seem to care about the history of nursing enough to make A’s in that part.  Process, paper work, all that- 100’s.  Good enough for me.

I’ve still got to get the last scene of the last act of the play nailed down.  I’m still working on my presentation when playing the character Joe Bob.  He’s a flaming homosexual and I’m having trouble pulling that act off.

I have 4 costume changes in 2.5 minutes- including lines.

I’m living for December 19th now.

Then, I will have a glorious 2.5 WEEKS off!

Paint me red & green and call me happy!

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