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My all your hopes, dreams and desires (as long as they aren’t sick, kinky ones- oh what the heck, if you can find a willing consenting adult, go for it!) come true this year!


#1 way to piss me off

My mom managed it quite well today.

Their propane tank managed to leak out 45% of 250 gallons between September and last week.  I asked if they got the delivery man to check it out when he filled the tank today.  Daddy said, “No, because it’s probably in the lines anyway, not a tank problem.”.

“You don’t cut the gas off at the tank when you’re not using it (like during the summer)?”.

“No, why?”.

“You’re supposed to.”.

Then Mother Superior pops up with, “You’re like Vicki ______.  She said she’d been “exposed” to psychology.  You think you know this because you’ve been “exposed” to the gas man.”.

Yeah, I was married over 2 years to a guy who was a propane service man.  I went on a lot of calls with him.  I learned a little.

But, I’ve only been “exposed” to it.

Not to fucking mention, Vicki is a family jewel.  The woman is a Skin Head who put her 5 & 7 year old kids on a boat and kept them away from society when they were growing up.  Those 2 kids won’t come around her anymore because of it- not even to share their children with her.  She is a loon.  She claimed to know all about psychology because a neighbor of theirs was a psychologist, hence she was “exposed” to it.

And I’m “like” her?

Oh well, sometimes we should think about what we say.

Next time she has a question about insurance or what to do about something, she WILL be reminded that *I* don’t know shit, as I’ve only been “exposed” to things.  She can ask me if it’s raining and I won’t know- hell, I’ve only been exposed to weather, I don’t know anything about it.

It wouldn’t piss me off near as much if there was ANYTHING that I *DID* know.  I held a real estate license and sold, but I never KNEW anything about real estate.  I’ve been in nursing school, but I don’t KNOW anything about medications, dosages, etc…  I worked in a dentist’s office over 8 years, but I don’t KNOW shit about teeth.

You know, I’m adopted- she never gave birth to the first child, but by God, she KNOWS more than I do about childbirth.

I would make application with the Idiots of the New Order, but I doubt I KNOW enough for that even.

Be thankful you’re not as stupid, ignorant, & unknowing as me.

Never fails

I have time off, I get sick.

Today is day two of icky stomach, low fever and the headache from hell.

I’ve only got 5 more days off and dammit all, I’d like to enjoy at least 4 of them!

Going to see the inlaws Friday, so I’m looking forward to that.  IF I’m feeling better that is.  She takes periodic chemo treatments though, so I don’t want to go if I’m still running a fever.


First time in 4 years that the husband will be off for New Year’s Eve.  Hell, I’m gonna have to *call* someone and wish them a happy new year just out of sheer habit.  IF I’m still awake that is.  It’s hell getting old, ain’t it?



Ah, the new year is nearly here and so begins the push to make that resolution that will prove to improve life next year.

Or at least until January 2nd.


Anyway, I’ve found a small, shall we say bad habit, of mine that I wish to resolve to correct.


Starting at Midnight, January 1, 2010, I, Snigglefrits, do hereby fully resolve to:

Stop waiting until my bladder is about to blow a gasket to take off pell mell towards the bathroom, encountering at high speeds objects most often in the dark- towels, discarded shoes, MatchBox cars, small dogs, short people, Jimmy Hoffa and perhaps a misplaced circus midget- but instead do hereby resolve I shall start my journey toward the necessary room at such a time that I do not have to do the entire first part of The Pee Pee Dance while making shrill calls unknown to most men while feverishly attempting to dislodge the zipper of my pants (which always gets stuck in the zipped position mind you) while checking to see if I do in fact have toilet paper within reach, as dripping dry isn’t a pleasant experience.

In other words, I promise myself to go before the whole world starts appearing to turn yellow.

Now, don’t you feel better that *I* have made my New Year’s Resolution?

Thought so.


I has a cookie

or two or three or four!

Thanks RT!

However, the postal service scrambled them.  Apparently they wanted to see if what was inside could withstand a drop from 50 stories.

Whole cookies or pieces, I care not- they still eat quite well!

Tasty stuff girl, very tasty.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go NOM!

Too bored to blog

Christmas has been coming on like a bat out of hell for the last few months.

It came squalling in on two wheels and got gone like a thief in the night.

Cooking.  Done.

Cleaning. Done.

Play.   Done.

Homework.  No existent.

I’m bored.  Bored, bored, bored.

Guess it could be worse- it could still be week before last.


Oh well, looks like boredom just took a turn.  The husband is coming in with another deer- big doe this time.  Guess the good Lord provided me with something worthwhile to do!  I think I’ll go at least play in the guts.


Merry Christmas!

I was going to write a neat poem referencing everybody on my blogroll, but I changed my mind.

I’m getting off the computer and spending time with my kids.

This is the first year that “Santa” hasn’t visited in some fashion or another.  Molly was 11 last year and still believed a tiny, tiny bit.

But those days are past history now.

I watched a good movie with Molly last night- The Christmas Claus.

Any mother (or father for that matter) who races left and right to be a Super Parent should watch that.  Taught me a few lessons as well…

I will no longer volunteer to do everything.  I don’t care if the kids at school don’t have a platter of homemade cookies to munch on- they’ll live.  I don’t care if we don’t have snacks for our class.  I don’t care to work 98 hours a week so we can have things.

I’ve got a damned sight better than most folks.  My husband annoys the crap out of me a lot of the time, but he loves me.  I’ve got two kids who aren’t perfect, but they’re not trouble makers and they have & use good manners.  I’ve still got both my parents, which won’t last forever- considering Daddy will be 75 & Mama will be 68 soon.

I have my great country and although there seem some are hell-bent on making it a different place, my corner of the world remains a good place to be a gun-toting, uptight, conservative, Christian.

And I have my God.  Kind, merciful, loving and trusting is He and I find comfort in knowing Him.

Like Clarence the Angel said to George Bailey-  You see George, you’ve really had a wonderful life.

Yep, Cindy sees she really has a wonderful life.

Merry Christmas to you all and to all, a good night!

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