Just so you know

I can control shootings, wrecks, heart attacks, strokes, broken bones, EVERYTHING just by opening my mouth.

Be amazed.

Be in awe.

I’ll tell you more about it in a little bit- right now I’ve got to go get my patient info for Monday.

Have a great Saturday morning (and don’t forget to be in awe, dammit!).

This morning, one of my classmates was whining about having to work today.  Honestly, I can understand that.  I’m beat like a rented mule myself.  Anyway, I wished her a “calm & quiet” day at work.  And brother did I get jumped on.  Seems the crowd she works with, including her, (EMS folk) is superstitious as hell and by me wishing her a “quiet” day, I doomed them all to hell, complete with fire & brimstone.

Therefore, one can safely assume that I, the previously meek & mild Snigs, by merely uttering one word can cause car wrecks, heart attacks, strokes, falling down stairs, asthma attacks, seizures- both fake & real, and a myriad of other maladies to take place from 70 miles away!

I think that pretty much makes me *the shit*, don’t you?


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  1. Linda
    Nov 21, 2009 @ 13:10:17

    I can’t wait!

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