before I gripe about it being cold in the house, I should be wearing um, clothes.

Pick, picky.


Like Gloria Gaynor

I survived.

The last day of clinicals this quarter that is.

And it was a half day, which makes it twice as nice.

And my patient was a nice little old lady- retired history teacher- who suffered a stroke a few years back.

She told me I was the first person ever (including her family) that sat and listened to her and was willing to wait on her to make the brain to mouth connection where she could say what she actually wanted to say.

That’s sad.  Nobody has ever taken the time to do that.

I was told she is constantly confused.

No she isn’t.

She tried to say 103.  She couldn’t get it out.  She said, “Oh, to hell with it.”, when she couldn’t say it.  I told her to take her time and say it in a different way if she could.  She thought for a moment, then spoke.  “One, two, three plus 100.”.  “103?”.  “Yep!”.

I can understand, in a way, the staff not being able to take real time with her.  The CNA’s have 12 patients to feed/bathe/change/bathe again, change the sheets of, etc… within 8 hours.  The LPNs have 25 patients assigned to them within their 12 hour shifts.  I don’t see how they have time to do the needed things, let alone “luxury” things like actually listening to these people.

Anyway, I lived, I touched, I loved and I’m beat.

Next quarter I’ll be working in the hospital, doing Med/Surg 1.

Looking forward to it already, but damned glad it’s 7-8 weeks away.


Some of my favorite lines

I figure not many of my blog readers will be coming to the play, so there isn’t much surprise spoiling I’m about to be doing.  The whole thing is hilarious- from the costuming to the lines, but some of the lines are just too damned funny.

“He’s been roaming so much, I decided I better learn something about safe sex.  You don’t know how depressed I got when I found out that’s what we’d be having all along.”

“I’m so nice & polite, but people just treat me like sh-” interrupted by “DAMMIT Stanley, don’t cuss at Christmas!”

“I’ve got a defanged rattle snake just waiting to go in someone’s toilet, I just haven’t decided who’s yet.”…”Well, that’ll keep ’em regular.”

“Charlene!  You have 5 seconds to get in the Christmas spirit before I harelip you!”


“Charlene, Baptist do not kill themselves!”…”So, I’ll start a new trend.”

“If you were a cat, I’d have you fixed!”

“Fresno is only half coyote, besides I’ve nearly got him turned into a vegetarian.”

“VIRGIL!  Don’t grab that sheep there!  That’s why he bites!”

“Garland, I wish you came in cans.  I’d pop your top every 5 minutes.”

When speaking of a faith healer she’d previously ripped the toupee off of, Pearl replies, “He claimed he could heal the sick, but he couldn’t even grow hair!”.

It seems when the judges arrived at the Carp’s yard earlier this evening someone had put boxer shorts on the shepherds, wise men & Joseph.  And the Virgin Mary was wearing an ERA button.”

Helen, calling a restaurant to-go order back to Inita, “Inita, one wimpy cheese delight and one sweathog special with natural gas” and “Inita, flop one, cheesy greasy, let it bleed!”.  By the way, their full names are Helen Bedd & Inita Goodwin.  Say them aloud a few times…

Inita, talking to Farley (the midget)- “So Farley, are you coming to the party?”.  “We’d love to, but we’re a little short on time.”.

For the record


I have not one NRA hat now, but TWO!

And one even has scrambled eggs!

Elmer Watkins will never have looked so good. 😉

Thank you, gentlemen, from the bottom of my lil’ ol’ pea pickin’ heart!


Checking my list

Mac & cheese
Red velvet cake (For a friend from school)
Sweet potato souffle
Bread (cornbread & biscuits) for dressing
Onions & celery for dressing
Cranberry salad
Bathrooms cleaned
Kitchen floor scrubbed
Appliances spotless

Still gotta-
finish icing my cake
prepare the turkey
mix up broccoli casserole
make potato salad
put the tablecloth back on the table with clean placemats

So tomorrow, all I have to do is
cook green beans (big whoop)
and shove everything else in its respective cooking unit
polish furniture
have David vacuum one more time & Molly sweep.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

TV Tonight

I’m patiently awaiting Castle.

Well, sorta patiently.

Anyway, since The A-Team was a gazillionth time rerun, I switched over to Dancing With the Stars.  My dancing background makes me love my show- my dislike for some of the people attempting to dance makes me not love it.

Tonight was the finals and all I can say is, despite not being a Donny Osmond fan, he rocked the house.  He did an excellent job.

Then, this Find My Family show comes on.  Hooray for folks who want to find their birth parents.  However, it really pisses me off these “parents” are able to get SEALED records unsealed.  They’re sealed for a fracking purpose and should anyone decide to “come looking” for me, you can bet your sweet butt I WON’T be featured on their show.  I don’t want to be “found”.  I have a family and my family fills every single “need” I feel.

I sincerely hope my Mom & Dad’s lawyer buried the details so deep that they can never be dug up. (AND I just called my Mom and asked, “Are you SURE nobody but me can get those records unsealed?”.  She said she was assured that was the case.  Better be.

Wonder how fast folks can make it up my driveway with buckshot as their incentive?

And now it’s about time for Castle, so I am happy again.

Exam tomorrow, then Thanksgiving break starts.  Then comes the scary part…

Only two more weeks left of this quarter.  I’m hanging in there still with a 4.0, but both finals count as 50% of each grade.  I’m just hoping I don’t blow anything between now and then.  Clinical went well today, except I was bored out of my gourd.  My patient was pretty able to care for herself in most ways.  I took her dentures to the bathroom and brushed them and I did my assessment and that was about it.

If the work doesn’t kill you, the lack of work will.

My writing seems rather disjointed tonight and that pretty much sums up how I feel, so I leave you with this thought-

I’m thankful to have you all as a part of my life and wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  See y’all post-turkey & dressing.


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