How do you feel about quickies?

Like it or not, that’s what you’re getting.

Husband went hunting the second time today- got the 2nd deer.  Unfortunately, it was a gut shot deal.  Trust me when I say I smelled worse things at clinicals a few weeks ago.  David however, nearly hurled when the carcass was cut loose from the hind quarters…lots of air in there.

I got fussed at for pulling guts out of the hole to show the kids when James was busy doing other things.


Molly pronounced me “cooler” than other moms.

I made a B on todays test.  I will no longer be stressing for A’s.  Just not worth it.  I will enjoy my life, my family and learn, but whether I can pass school tests with straight A’s, I don’t care about.

What good is a bunch of A’s if you don’t have enough good sense to use what you’ve learned or if your family hates you for being stressed out and yelling at them?

Not a damned bit of good.

Life is too short.  There are too many things to do….too many deer guts to pull out of entry or exit wounds….too many children to do things with that get you deemed “cooler” than others.

Those things deserve just as much of my attention as those grades do.

Y’all have a fantastic week!