and it just hit me-

The play opens in 8 weeks.  Sounds like a long time at the moment, but I know better.

In 8 weeks, I’ll attend one nursing conference, 6 clinicals, 40 classes, take 2 finals, cook Thanksgiving for the family, check homework 72 times, go to two family reunions, go to a Halloween party, and God only knows what else while trying to keep regular household crapola afloat.

Someone kindly take up a collection of brain cells for my continued sanity, pretty please.  (Yes, I do realized “continued” might be the wrong choice of words.)

Oh yeah, Wednesday will be the start of week 5.  Not been 100% smoke free, but I don’t think I’ve smoked over 2 cigarettes in that time- and once was when A) I was out of patches and B) I thought it better to have a cigarette than choke the ever living shit out of David.  There have been a few occasions since that one where I’ve considered the choking, but I managed to fight off the urge sans nicotine.  The kid best be counting his blessings. 😉

And speaking of the play, I’m told opening night is close to sold out already.  If you’re gonna be in Georgia and you want your funny bone tickled, come on over and check us out. (Scroll about 1/4 the way down)

Exam tomorrow, then taking pictures for a social studies project for David, and play practice.

Tuesday, be ready to mourn with me, as I will be losing my hair.  “Off the collar” is required for clinicals and the only way my hair comes off the collar is to have it cut off.


Another exam Wednesday, plus taking the kids to get their hunter safety certification that evening.

Thursday…Thursday…Oh yeah, gotta buy milk after class. 😀

Friday- cooking all day for an inlaw reunion that will be Saturday.

Saturday- see Friday.

Sunday- melt into a pile of goo and be ready to start the whole thing over again.