Did I Mention-

Blonds do NOT necessarily have more fun?



Yep, I Could Bite That

He appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hence the “Bite That” reference.

Yeah, that’s my story.  Sticking to it.

Anyway, now he is (oh yeah, he being Nathan Fillion) Castle and he’s damned good at what he does.  He does it Monday night, 10 p.m. EST on ABC.


And for the love of Pete, he’s over a month YOUNGER than I am.

Shit, I feel old tonight!  😀

The Rain Did It!

Seriously, it did.

To say things were wet here would be one large understatement. It would be like saying the Atlantic was a little wet…or a little salty.

Anyway, I’m carpooling with one of the other girls this week (Anal Annie, the world’s most anal retentive person EVAH) and she’d just dropped me off this afternoon when I heard a strange noise. Was looking out the window to see if I could tell from whence it came and noticed Annie still sitting at the end of the driveway. About this time, the phone was ringing and it was her calling to say a tree had fallen across the road and she didn’t think the school bus would be able to get around it.

I called Mama- her driveway is on the other side of said fallen tree and asked her to get to the corner quick and get the kids when the bus got there. Otherwise, the kids’ nice (but not so bright) driver might end up taking them back to town…

I have Daddy’s “Red Rocket” (89 Mazda something another) here and decided I’d go over the hill, through some pastures and through the woods and get them myself.

And James had the nerve to tell me I couldn’t do it. I’d get stuck.

Never tell a King that something cannot be done. They will bust a gut & crawl through their own butthole backwards to prove you wrong.

So, off I went. And I spun some. Okay, I spun a lot.


I made it just fine, thank you very much. Fathers of Snigseseses teach their girls to drive in the mud. 😉

Anyway, that was 3:30, it’s now 6:40 and the highway department and power company just got through cleaning it up and clearing the road.

Traffic was sorta kinda backed up.

And way out here, that’s something to talk about. 😉