What Happens When

your elbow (that was smashed and basically trashed 10 years ago in a wreck) gives out just as you’re taking the huge pan of lasagna you’ve just made (that cost a small fortune) of the oven?

The damned thing turns upside down, landing on the element and partially on the door, oozing between the bottom of the oven and the bottom of the door, into the stove drawer where it manages to coat everything in the drawer with cheese and sauce.

And you sit down in the floor and you cry, because you spent the last dollar you had to buy the stuff to make it and you’ve been pining for the taste of it for over a week.

And you quietly think about killing your kid, because the $20 you gave him for the dance last week has “disappeared” along with the rest of his wallet.

Then you go outside, to smoke that last half a cigarette you’ve been hanging onto for just this sort of occasion and before you get it lit, the bottom falls out (out of the blue) and half drowns you and your last half a cigarette…

And …oh hell, you get the point.

Some days it just doesn’t pay to live & breathe.