I mean it

Someone who supports the Health Care plan tell me NOW why I should support it.

Based on Obama’s chat with George Stephanopoulos and his own words-

This plan would cost the average family 13% of their gross income

here are some Snigs figures from BEFORE I quit work-

Husband’s gross salary- $27,000 / year
My gross salary-                    5,400 / year

Husband’s net salary- $1600 / month
My net salary-                    400 / month

Our expenses-

House         373.00
Utilities      400.00 (the past 4 months, my electric bill alone has been $425/month, so really, that’s $500/month for utilities)
Groceries  480.00 (and that’s buying as frugal as I can)
Gas               300.00 (and that’s no extra trips to town!)
Insurance     50.00
Taxes              50.00 (car, property)
Kids stuff       50.00 (clothes, school supplies, lunches, etc…)
Tires, oil        50.00 (average)

Now for the “fun” stuff-

Cell phone     20.00
Cigs/entertainment  140.00  (giving up the smokes soon)

Grand total out per month-  $1913

Income-  $2000

Difference- +87.00/month

Insurance now- 2796.00
13% insurance-  4165.00

Difference- about $114.00/ month

Monthly “excess” 87.00 minus FreeForAll Insurance


-$27.  (Do notice that -.  It means I would be short $27!)

If I have a kid get sick, there’s the $20 copay.  If that kid needs medicine, there’s a $15 copay.  Gotta add the extra gas of getting said kid to the doctor AND someone has to take time off work.  If it was me, that’s $50.

-$27-20-15-50= NEGATIVE $112

And I’m not even going into the fact that the husband is being furloughed repeatedly over the next few months.

Now, can you see why I think the wonderful idea of health care reform as is being sought by this administration can pucker up and kiss my rosy white ass?

If you get sick, you CAN get treatment.  No damned emergency room in this world is going to turn a truly sick person with an emergency down.  If you’re a single parent not making squat with no benefits, Medicaid help is as close as the nearest welfare office.  Too proud for that?  Sounds like a personal problem to me.

As for making folks have insurance or pay a penalty- that sucks.

I think every house should have a washer and dryer.  I mean damn, you really expect someone else to maintain those pieces of equipment so you don’t have to?  I mean sure, you’re shelling out at least $1.75 to wash your clothes where some skank ho washed her thongs earlier in the day, but that is no real penalty for NOT having a washer and dryer of your own.  Having your own washer and dryer would be far more hygienic!  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  I think you should pay at least $3000 / year for not having your own laundry appliances.

And I think everyone should drink a gallon of milk a day.  Don’t like milk?  Don’t want milk?  Tough titty (pun intended). DRINK YOUR DAMNED MILK!  It’s GOOD for you!  It’s full of Vitamins and Minerals and proteins and happiness. DRINK YOUR DAMNED MILK!

Oh, you don’t WANT to drink the milk?  FINE!  $3000.00 penalty for not drinking it.  I mean really, by not drinking your milk you KNOW you’re going to develop osteoporosis one day and someone else will have to pay for it!  Only a fool wouldn’t want to drink their milk every day.

Thanks and have a day.

I think everyone should own an American made automobile.  But your Volvo gets higher crash ratings?  Your Honda doesn’t use half as much gas?  You’re really tied to your horse and cannot think of a better way to travel?

Tough shit.  This is America!  You don’t get choices like that here.  WE think you’re better off having an American made auto.  Drive your Volvo, Volkswagen, or Honda.  You can pay us an EXTRA $3000 in penalties.

YOU WILL do what WE think is right for you because WE think it and WE know so much better than you!

Some bimbo said on facebook- I wish all the nay-sayers would go somewhere and quit paying taxes.  Then when they needed care, they’d be denied and they’d see how it would feel to deny others.

Yeah baby, I’d LOVE to go somewhere and not have to pay taxes.  Then, I’d have about $5000/ year extra in my pocket and I’d still be able to afford my insurance.


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  1. rhodaloo
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 00:10:44

    Give up my Honda? NOOOOOOO! I searched high and low to find the car that met my needs–28 mpg in town and 35-40 on the highway (depending on the direction of the wind). I LUV my 5 speed. Granted it has over 145,000 miles on it, but I’ve had it since 2002.

    Is this 13% on top of the rest of the taxes taken out of Galen’s paycheck? I don’t even want to think about it.

  2. j.biros
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 12:47:52

    Aw c’mon ,you don’t need to worry about anything,we are an Obamanation now.
    Dear leader knows best(drink kool-aid ) , you don’t need to think, just do what your told.
    Dear leader MPBUH (may piss be upon him) is going to give every one a job on his Civilian National Security Force , do Dear leaders, MPBUH, bidding and he will take care of you!
    Don’t forget to go and get Dear leaders,MPBUH, flu shot, you know they all of a sudden have a vaccine for swine flu , and yet it takes years to get drugs approved through the FDA.
    See Dear leader,MPBUH, can get things done. Look how the stimulus created all those jobs?
    Snigs you’ll be a Nurse working for Dear leaders,MPBUH, new federal hospital system, You will have to hold the hand of those Dear leader, MPBUH, finds undesirable,or no longer needed . No , sorry but your just too old to get that appendix operation , thats only for younger valuable people. I suggest you go home and take these nice pills, you won’t feel a thing, bu-bye
    I could go on and on but I won’t . I can’t wait for 2112 one of two things is going to happen. The world will come to an end (according to Nostradamus) or Dear leader,MPBUH, gets kicked out.
    I can’t believe it has only been 8 months and this guy has done everything i hoped he wouldn’t stinkin Commie Pinko Butt Bumper!!
    I gotta go puke now I have my self worked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And everything you said Snigs was right on, all that money comes out of our pockets!!!

  3. j.biros
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 13:22:28

    Yes , I know, 2012, not 2112 but it feels like it has been a hundred years since the election !!!!

  4. Easily Lost
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 21:45:48

    Don’t even get me started. I almost cussed last time I talked about Obamasiah’s healthcare plan.

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