It’s Just Getting Better & Better

So, John got some of his tasty hot sauce to me last Friday.

I had some chicken tonight.

Told the son to get the sauce and try it, I was sure he’d like it.  (We had some on taco salad Saturday, while he was at “work”.  The stuff would blister Godzilla’s mouth.  Seriously.  It’s that damned good though…you want to feel the burn.)

James & Molly nearly snicker.  I just keep looking at my plate or I know I will give it all away.

He dips out a mega-spoonful to plop on his chicken and I say, “Whoa, Hoss.  I’d go easy on it if I were you.”.  (Please note this act of kindness on my part!)

He still puts a healthy dollop on his chicken, cuts it, forks it in his mouth.

All is well.  He starts picking up peas with his fork for his next bite.

Holy Mother of Hot Sauces!

He slings the fork.

Peas fly.

He starts making noises like he’s a Gila monster that the Crocodile Hunter is trying to piss of by sticking his finger up its butt (South Park reference).

I swear he said something that sounded a lot like OH SHIT!

Molly has moved his drink across the table when he wasn’t looking.  (Wonder where she gets it?)

For a brief moment, I swear steam poured out of his ears.


We laughed & he did too.  Not to mention, he thought the sauce tasted good, just slightly on the hot side.  😀

And before I could get this posted, NFO posts that *I* am “too mean to be a cop”.  I’m telling ya, between the A’s, the hot sauce and the public proclamation of my meanness, this day couldn’t get any better!


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  1. Old NFO
    Sep 18, 2009 @ 02:51:08

    One trys… 🙂 Any woman that is a mother, has the “mother” look down pat too… That would stop ANYBODY in their tracks…

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