So, I’m an unfeeling, heartless bitch

I do care that there are sick folks out there.

I do care that there are children out there who go without because they belong to a single parent family.

I am a Christian.

Some folks have a warped idea of what a Christian is though.  A Christian isn’t someone who is responsible for the welfare of all others.

Most all of us wind up where we are due to the choices we make.  It’s seldom fate, good or bad luck, or anything else that gets us where we are.

When I was unmarried, having sex and wound up pregnant, I made a choice then and there that *I* would take care of *my* child.  I did not call Donald Trump and ask if he’d support my kid before I had sex and got pregnant.  I didn’t call my Senator and ask what my kid could have free.  I didn’t ask my parents before I had sex if they’d be my built-in baby sitters.

To have sex or not was MY choice and it led to a child.  That child was my responsibility.

News flash!  I didn’t have insurance at that time.  I was a contract worker and insurance wasn’t part of the contract.  So, yep, I took advantage of the offer to go on Medicaid.  Included in “Pregnant Woman Medicaid” is free dental, free vision, free medical & free prescription coverage.

Don’t take more than you need was (and still is) my mantra and I skipped the vision and dental completely, even though I really, really needed new glasses.

Immediately after David was born, I started looking for a new job.  I made sure insurance was one of the benefits.  Did I have to give up some “fun” stuff to be able to afford insurance?  Yep.  That’s what responsible adults do.

I’ve seen people walk out of jobs when they had bountiful benefits, without having another job lined up.  It was their choice to quit.  Now, they don’t have a job, but it’s my responsibility to support them?

I’ve seen people lose their jobs through no fault of their own.  NEWS FLASH!  We’re a family that happened to!  30 years of working didn’t help the husband at all when they decided to close the plant he worked at.  Was someone else supposed to take care of us?  Did I miss a memo?  We scrimped, we saved, he pounded the pavement, he got a job.

It all boils down to this-


The next time you plan on having sex, think- “Can I afford to take care a child without sponging off the government?  If my husband walks out on me (or vice versa), can I take care of a child on my own?”.  If the answer is no, do the world a favor and lower your skirt or zip your zipper back up.

Your five minutes of pleasure shouldn’t be an albatross around my neck.  You didn’t ask me if I’d help support you and your kid before you did the deed that produced him.  If you had, I would have told you HELL NO then.

Before you quit your job, just because they refuse to quit using Styrofoam cups in the breakroom or you just don’t like either the direction they’re going or the boss’ political affiliation you need to ask yourself those same questions.

If you want to sit on your ass in your house/public housing/apartment/tee-pee and expect those around to pay for YOUR choice, you can figure those folks are going to get rather pissed at you.

Programs exist for those who make bad choices, for those who are down on their luck or whatever you want to call it.  They are as close as your nearest Family & Children’s Services office.  Once again though, it’s YOUR responsibility to get off your ass and get down there to them.  Don’t expect folks to come bearing gift baskets of medical coverage to your front door.

All the sudden too, there’s a lot of talk about Public Option only being there to “give insurance companies competition”…

Ameritas, AFLAC, Assurant, BCBS, Cigna, Delta, Guardian, Humana, Kaiser, FiServ, United Concordia, Sun National, American Public Life, Mail Handlers, GEHA, Aetna, UnitedHealth, Principal Financial, Fortis- those are the few I can name off the top of my head!

I could go on and on.  One more “company” is going to give “competition”?  One more company is going to offer “choice”?

Why do folks think I’m too stupid to understand the meaning of the words competition and choice??


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  1. Linda
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 10:41:34

    Another great post, SS. You hit the nail on the head. People need to be responsible and take control of their own lives.

    Keep it up! I wish you had thousands of readers! 🙂

  2. j.biros
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 15:25:56

    Snigs you got it exactly right, people who are down on their luck should have these programs to fall back on , as a safety net.
    The problem is people abuse the system.
    Although I’ll probably catch crap for this, if you are not a US citizen the most you should expect is emergency care only, then ,if follow ups are needed go back where you came from for them .
    By the way, I wonder how that fence on the southern border is workin out … oh its not complete yet , of course that could have helped with the up coming swine flu out break they keep telling us is coming…….just as soon as they are done brewing it up in their labs .
    I have to go get more tin foil for my hat.
    later snigs

  3. j.biros
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 15:28:08

    Unfeeling heartless bitches are in my top 5 favorite type of girl;)

  4. Rick
    Sep 04, 2009 @ 21:37:22

    Great Post.

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