Oops, I Crapped My Pants Moment- Almost

Opened the light bill.


Yes, you read that right six HUNDRED & seven dollars.

Compared their recorded meter reading to the current meter reading…

wayyyyy off.

I think it was a dyslexic turkey who read 56,000 kwh as 65,000 kwh.

They’re coming to reread the meter tomorrow.

“Adjusted” bill should be around $200.00.

That, I can live with.

ETA:  On another GREAT note- 1 week, smoke free!  Feel free to happy dance at will!


Not a newsflash

Post totally edited to say-

De-asshatted the asshat and aside from minor trauma to the doghouse, all is well now.


For the most part.

For now.

😉  You girls with asshats of your own know where I’m coming from.


It was cool enough this morning to need the heat for a few minutes!

I are doin’ heap big happy dance right now.  Hopefully, this means the summer heat is pretty much gone.  About freaking time anyway.

School starts back tomorrow.  I’ve been nice and busy filling the freezer with family sized & individual sized meals.  Soups, casseroles, etc… anything to make my life easier the next few weeks.

I’m looking forward to school again.  In fact, without it, I’ve been sorta bored.  I imagine I’ll be bitching about having too much to do within a couple of weeks.

Thankfully though, this time around there shouldn’t be any absolute idiots in the classes- no pupils who argue with the teacher that alveoli are the brown spots around nipples.  None that say, “Ewwwwww!” when a bare butt is shown.

I’m hoping anyway.

I’m still not smoking, working on the end of the first full week, but damn the last couple of days have been kinda tough.  I’ve found myself wanting a smoke pretty badly both days.  PMS or upcoming stress- not sure if either is the cause, but I’m strongly considering slapping a second patch on over my mouth.


Dependent on the work load, I’m likely not to be around much for awhile.  Y’all behave yourselves now, ya hear?

100 Hours!

Yeah, 100 hours & I’m happy dancing.

In other news, is anyone else getting totally puked & creeped out by the increased Clinton crapola being spewed in the news lately?


Almost makes me want a cigarette.

Weird Shit O’ The Week

So the eldest comes in Friday telling tales* he’d heard of happening at the JV football game the evening before.

“Some dude with a cross on his back, carrying a bloody sword said he’d walked here from Florida and the end of time is upon us.”.

And he’s telling this to JV footballers?

Okie dokie.

And this concludes Snigs’ Weird Shit O’ the Week.

*Validity of tales pending further review.

Big Dog, Little Dog, Black Dog, White Dog

Scout came in for the evening since it was lightning.  Yes, my yard dog gets to come in to avoid being fried pup.


To put his size in perspective- he & Wiggles-


Wiggles & Lucy don’t care much for Scout and like to “hide” in plain sight, but out of reach-


scoutyI hope the thundering and lightning end soon.  Danged bull moose dirties up my floor! 😉

Just because you were just dying to know-

After 56 hours, I’m still smoke free.  No major urges to smoke, maybe even starting to break the habit a bit.  Ate a sandwich while ago and didn’t have that need to smoke after eating.

And nope, there’s still nobody on the dismembered, damaged or dead list yet. 😉

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