So I Hadn’t Seen this Guy Around Lately-

So, I emailed him.

And he emailed me back.

His wife FORBID him to read my blog anymore.


Wait for it…

of the foot picture.

BUT, he “could still email me”.

Dear Lord woman, if I’m such a bold, shameless hussy as to post pictures of my feet and ankles, what might I say in an email?

For the love of God, I might send a picture of my…of my….of my…


or something.

I’ve never liked to deem a man as “whipped”, because I’ve always thought it was rather nice when spouses respect the wishes of their significant others.  This guy though (and if you’re sneaking a peek dude, shame on you!) is whipped.  Whipped like a rented mule.

And anyone upset about the feet and ankles pictures, well, you can have a day.

ETA:  The *MUST HAVE* red hooker heels Mariah speaks of!!


Way #362 to embarrass your children in Wal-Mart

Start singing and dancing this one down the aisles.

So, do you Like to Move It in Wal-mart? 😀

(By the way, they were laughing.  Whether it was to keep from crying, I don’t know)